Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's a New Year! Welcome 2015!!

A new year is here!
I hope you have blessed year ahead.
Do you have resolutions, plans or just good intentions?
It happens every year doesn't it?
You've had time to reflect on the past year,
now what are you looking forward to in the coming months?
Whatever plans I may have had for 2014, it wasn't long into the year before I knew things
were not going to go according to MY plans!!
So, what about 2015?
I am continuing to contribute to Tami Potter's Blog, Mosaic Moments, in the Tips & Techniques section of Scrapbook Ideas, so count on seeing me there as the Lord wills.
Count on seeing more photos of the grand babies...all they grow.
I want to see if I can keep up with the Capture Your 365 Challenge of a photo a day,
following prompts...I got about three days last year,
but plan on doing better this year...planning on understand!
I love my mosaic scrapbook pages,
but I'm going to try to do a few more digital scrapbook pages this year.
I want to be more diligent to work on my daily BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) lessons (we are studying The Life of Moses, definitely not the Hollywood version!! but right from God's Word)
 and really take the time to let what I'm learning to sink in and
to really dig into the scriptures to learn and apply.
I look forward to the fall study and the book of Revelations!
I'm going to give a try to Bible Journaling.
I've always highlighted, underlined and added notes and thoughts,
but recently have been challenged by some of the works of others
Time will tell how this endeavor pans out,
but I thought it would be a good time to start and
I picked up a reasonably priced Journaling Bible on CBD,
that is in a translation that I only have a pocket version of,
so this gives me a bit bigger, space to add notes and drawings and
I'm going to pick up and use this for my BSF study as well.
Hopefully it will be an ongoing project.
Let me share my first day of sort of encompasses several of the things I've talked about...and then I must be off, I have a deadline to meet and a blog post on "Scrapbooking your Heirlooms" to prepare! More on that soon!!
Thanks for stopping in and
Have a very Happy 2015!!