Saturday, August 30, 2014

Inspiration: A Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Mosaic Moments Literary Challenge for September is
Eric Carle's A Very Hungry Caterpillar.
My youngest granddaughter has just begun to eat baby food, and the occasional food from everyone's plate...or hand if she can manage it. She loves to eat! She has been wonderful trying new foods, so most of these photos have her smiling away. Of course, she seemed to be the perfect subject for this challenge. 
I used a melted crayon technique for the date block.
I have created some painted paper tiles to mimic Carle's style and then punched a hole into each of the tiles. Did you know that it was a hole punch that inspired Eric Carle for this story? Yes!
I took additional sections and punched the segments for the caterpillar.
You can catch more details, techniques and ideas for incorporating this children's classic into a scrapbook layout on the Mosaic Moments Tips & Techniques section HERE.
Well, before you know it we will be posting all the fall tips and ideas, so see you then!
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School and more!!

Yes, people are gearing up for that fateful day when the kids venture out to school...or maybe...stay home. matter where you learn there's always an official point in time where new books and clothes and activities fill our lives. Taking a photo or two to commemorate the event deserves to have a page or two scrapped to document "this year."

To that end, I have written a piece on the Tip & Techniques section of the Mosaic Moments web site with ideas of what photos to take, planning, and finished projects! Please head over to Back to School to get all the details and suggestions for that first day of school. Here's one of the layouts you'll find!

For a smaller project, that's very versatile, very colorful, and oh, so, easy to HERE. for this treat!!

Now I've got one more project to share, this just up on for our final Design Team Challenge for 2014.

Yes, sadly, the Design Team is taking an early finish this year. It's been fun to be apart of the team for three years now, but sometimes, things need to change and at Mosaic Moments there are so many new things coming to the store, new products, new will have to stop in to see it all!!

If you haven't already seen the promos, we will be carrying a whole new series of Spellbinders dies specifically designed for our grids!! No longer will you have to use only the paper tiles, you can choose your own cardstock colors and patterned papers to complete your layouts. Not enough pieces of the right size? No longer a problem, cut as many as you need!! So check in here and see it all!!

So, now to the final challenge TEXTURE!!
For this project, you will have to go and see it for yourself. The details for each section has all the how to-s and plenty of close ups too!
and a few teasers!

The Team may be coming to an end for this year, but I'll be continuing to post new projects on the new web site and you'll find my work under the Tips & Techniques section. DT member Candy Spiegel will also be making an appearance or two on the new site, so stop in for a visit!  The Literary Challenges will continue through the end of the year so be sure to check in and get your inspiration and do a page to share with us! We'd love to see your work!!
There will be an upcoming post with tips for shooting fall photos to scrap, so you'll want to drop in for that colorful presentation.
Well, that's going to be my updates for today, I hope you'll continue stop by, visit the store and try your hand at our terrific products!!
I'm eager to work on some Christmas cards, so you just might see my next post as a Christmas themed one! Remember, they are predicting an early winter with another polar vortex coming in for the fall.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


For an upcoming post at Mosaic Moments I tried out a few ideas for incorporating one of the latest trends in crafts...melted crayons!

What better time of year to give this a go when the Back to School sales are on and crayons are going for $.50 a box? Or perhaps all the old crayons from years past are taking up space and you'd like to trim your collection. Either way, give it go!

The first attempt I made was to get splatters of crayons on my one inch tiles to resemble something I saw on Pinterest. It didn't go exactly the way I hoped for, but it was passable.

The second method was in shavings applied to the top of the tiles. Placed between wax paper layers and ironed to melt. I liked the results better with this method. Really old school, I know, but for what I wanted to accomplish to cover 1" tiles, it allowed the right amount of control.

The final method, I have to say, worked the best. I took four 1" tiles and placed them on a beverage hot plate. I held each color on the paper until it melted enough to be swirled around to create a larger circle. I repeated with the colors I wanted until the surface was covered.

A variation of this technique was to apply a number sticker to the center of each tile and then apply the crayon on the tile, covering as much as you want, and over the number. Then remove the sticker to reveal the white tile below.

Each sample may have worked in the layout for the theme presented but I chose the third method. This is how it looked for the layout. The colors are the back drop for the date tiles to pop off of and blend with the overall layout!

The experiments were all in preparation for the September Literary challenge, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The post will be showing up on Mosaic Moments in our Tips and Techniques section, keep your eyes open!!'s a sneak peek!!

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