Friday, March 30, 2012

Where Were They in 1940?

1940 census 

One of my favorite pass-times is working on the family tree. Last year the 1911 Scottish Census was released and I still haven't had a chance to exhaust sesarches there. And only a few days, the US 1940 Census will be made public...and the race to get all the facts available at various online sources will begin...this poster has all the tips to get ready to go! Now's a good time to start your family search if you've never ventured out on this journey before. Give it a try! Enjoy! follow the link  to on the side bar, tune into  NBC tonight to see Who Do You Think You Are? Tonight's episode is actress Rita Wilson. They will be going to Greece and Bulgaria to trace her family roots! 

Here's a few of the people I'll be tracking!


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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sneak Peek of Mosaic Moments March Challenge #2

I have been so enjoying working on the Mosaic Moments Design Team. Yes, it's been a bit of a break from designing cards, but it's also been a much needed return to getting some scrapbooking completed. Each of the challenges remind me of the type of assignments I had in art school. Many of the challenges have also required specific photo challenges, I just wish my camera wasn't being a bit temperamental!

This month's challenge was a color/pattern challenge using photos of my own choosing. So, I brought out some of my 3000 photos of my trip home to Scotland in 2010, and shifted through them to find a batch to work out on the Cypress Mosaic Moments grid paper. I'm just going to give you a tease...and hope you'll return at the end of the week when it's finished and uploaded to come and see! You'll find it under the title "Over the Sea to Skye"

Some of the materials that I have used.

The scraps I will use for my embellishment.

A few of the featured photos!

remember...stop back on the weekend for a look at the finished layout...or catch everyone's at journella  on the storyboard!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Album

One of the items I make as gifts, and occasionally to sell, are accordian fold stand-up displays.  More detailed photos can be found at  Journella but for now here's a look!

front cover, back cover and "backside" center layout.

Come on over and see the details and check out all the neat features of Journella!

Mosaic Moments March Challenge #1

Greetings! It's a beautiful spring day to day, complete with an early morning storm that set off the tornado warning system...only a severe storm, massive lightening show, most people probably slept through it!

Anyway, this week if you missed this it was our first challenge for March, and it was to be about "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" I approached it not just as the challenge but as things that our family would like to remember about our town.

This was also to feature the mosaic detail cut technique.

Four pages may seem like a bit much, but there was a lot to include, a lot to remember.
Here's the first layout:

and the second layout:

To see more of the details, and have a chance to win prizes for leaving comments go to : Journella to participate and see a wonderful program for sharing your work, saving your feeds and FB posts, along with the ability to journal everyday! You really should check it out!

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