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Sometimes it's the details you capture that make a better scrapbook page, add interest and ads to the theme. These are a few of my favorite shots. Click on a photo to start a slideshow of the photos on this page.

close-ups let you see the details in the petals, the shape and even dew ready to drop

the shape, the detail of the petals a piece of art from God's hands
cake in mid-decorating phase
hat boxes at a tea party add to telling the story of the night's events

water lily detail

sunflower in bloom shot from below...sometimes the angle tells a story...I see all nature Praising the Creator

the center of a sunflower in the early stages of blooming

water lily from another angle with the shadows and light

beautiful blooms details of the cluster
sometimes just a part of the photo tells a story too

the text adds the message
just a part of the party, adds color to a layout
iconic diner stools, classic b & w floor, red and chrome 
sewing tools

don't leave home without it

no, really, don't leave home without it!
ice cream

some of your best photos will come if you change the angle you shoot from...get on the ground once in  a while and look up!

tiny flower almost lost in the sea of grass

weed seeds

taken from above...try not to get thrown out of the store

same shell three views and crops

on it's side not upright

lime segments light showing through

grapes in a glass

apple still life

kiwi up close

portion of plate to get the pattern and texture...when only a portion is needed
Amish buggy

Amish buggy and horses hooves

bentwood rocker craftsmanship

classic view of a classic

 baskets the weave and pattern

inside a basket light shines through creating a new pattern

even the lawns have patterns and textures

row of chairs

fresh baked bread

crust textures






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