Friday, May 26, 2017

A Little Patriotic Decorating to Begin the Memorial Day Weekend!

I know this wreath project is a departure from my usual blog posts, but I really liked how this wreath turned out and wanted to share it with you.
This is actually what you can get when you fail to follow the directions. It is a rare thing having a great thing come from a mistake.

Last year at this time my local craft store offered an idea sheet for a wreath made from bandanas in red, white and blue. It was so popular that those colors quickly sold out! No surprise there, it was a great idea. I carried it with me in the hopes one day I'd get them on sale. A few months ago I did and gathered up the bandanas. I'd picked up a small 12" wire wreath frame like I'd used on the burlap wreath projects before. That's where I made my mistake. It called for a foam wreath (no size specified). I figured I'd press on any way and soon found that the foam wreath frame was an essential part of taking up the fabric. I had a very floppy and a bit too wide wreath. So I played around with a few options but liked this one the best. It required no wire to secure the sections and created a nice full double layered wreath.

Here's what you will need to make one like this:
  • 1-12" wire wreath
  • 6 red bandanas
  • 6 white bandanas
  • 4 navy blue bandanas
  • optional: stars, I painted three wooden stars white, but foam or paper stars can be substituted
  • wire to create a loop to hang the wreath or something of your own choosing.
  1. This is my 12" wire wreath. There are 5 sections it'll be easiest if you begin in this 12 o'clock position.
  2. Cut all of your bandanas in half. You will have 32 bandana pieces to fit into 5 sections. Each section will have 6 bandana pieces, except 2, they will have 7 pieces.
  3. As you will have 8 halves of navy blue bandanas begin at 12 o'clock and work counter clockwise and fill the first section with 6 blue.
  4. In the next section use the last 2 blue pieces and then 5 more in a red/white/red/white pattern.
  5. Section 3 will have 6 bandana pieces as you continue the pattern.
  6. Section 4 will have your second group of 7 pieces and you will end with the remaining section filled with 6. It will be a snug fit but with a bit of maneuvering you'll get them all in.

This is easiest explained with a few photos to show you how.

  1. Fold you bandana in half.

2. Thread your folded fabric over the outside wire to the inside wire. They should be about equally divided inside and outside.

3. Fold the fabric over the inside wire back towards the outside edge. Thread it under the second wire. The center two wires are a bit raised and makes it a bit easier to accomplish. As more bandanas are added this will be a bit more difficult, but achievable. Remember this closeness helps to hold it all together without additional wires.

4. The final step is saved until all the sections are in place. I've shown it here isolated just to let you see what you need to do. You will fan the section you have pulled through. This hides the wire frame and creates a secondary layer to your wreath.

5. Hang on your door. I created a small wire loop attached to the back of the frame, you may have an other idea. The stars in the center of the wreath are hung separately on the wreath hook and are totally optional. After painting the stares I wired them together so I could arrange them to fit the space. I used a loop of jute to hang them.

I figure this will get lots of use for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Veteran's Day and maybe even in between!

Hope you like it and maybe even try it!

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good....
Written by Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley
Life goes on and blogs come and go. I've been mostly otherwise occupied with my work at Mosaic Moments preparing Scrapbook layouts on a weekly basis and these pages have remained unattended.
However, I have a real itch in need of work on some Christmas card tuned and hopefully the pages here will begin to fill up as the ideas find their way to the cardstock!

I've begun with a little spring cleaning and tidied up the blog page a bit and added a new photo of the hills from the base of Stirling Castle in Scotland.  
see you soon...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summertime...and the scrapping is (anything but) easy!

While my work has been to show quick and easy ways to get scrapbook pages completed quickly...making it easy...has just kept me busy. Let me show off what's been posting at Mosaic Moments lately!

This 8x8 framed art piece came about by the use of one die cut corner tile and multiple shades of cardstock to piece it together. Details HERE.

A masculine page that uses a "chrome" basket weave technique that you'll love to use for the guys in your life! Details HERE.

another Die, this time the Fleur-de-lis is featured with multiple ways to incorporate it into your layout, this time for a graduation page found HERE.

 Next up is one way to dress up your Mosaic Gird pages with a bit of flourish...

More details and a how-to set of instructions can be found HERE.

How's this for summer inspiration? Doesn't it scream FUN?
even the chipboard got a little added bling!
Want to see how easy it is to do all those triangles? Stop in HERE and see the step-by-step.


Just in time for all the holiday celebrations you can't go wrong with a little Red, White and Blue! and a bit of bling to boot!! This weeks inspiration came from a song and was our Throwback Tuesday there's lots of ideas to find and try...HERE.

The Red, White and Blue continues with this nautical page of historical interest. See how I used the Grid pattern and pieced this Union Jack together for the standout border of flags when you follow this link HERE.

Here's those easy summertime page ideas and tips with this retro feel beach page. HERE.

We have a great Scallop Dot Mat Die that is perfect for dolling up those baby pages that you'll find HERE.

Have you thought about pages that reflect the times in which you were born? This Throwback Tuesday post does just that. Originally the challenge was to capture the pop culture of the decade you were born in...and redo it. See what you think about the first and the last.

 There's a step-by-step to achieve this title block and that 50's feel with tips for other eras too HERE.

And finally for today's post I'll show a little scrapbook magic with this layout won't want to miss!
Turn this...
 Into this...

with tips you'll find HERE in Creating Illusion

SO don't wait...stop by and check it all out!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day 2015

Forever Joy's digital kits Basic Kraft, Basic Storytelling and Basic Timekeeping were used to complete this Scripture Post.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April??? Where has the year gone to???

Good Intentions...I think I blogged that very theme in my opening salvo post for 2015. Here it is..April. Safe to say, busy went overboard! So quick update...
Four weeks remain in our BSF Study of the Life of Moses...I've done okay at keeping up, most of the time! Looking forward to the Fall study of the Book of Revelation...a brand new study for this group. It's one many pastors shy away from and others never seem to depart from, looking forward to delving in on my own to see for myself!
Then the photo a day project with Capture Your 365. Did better this time but have lagged behind in March and just saw the calendar already says April... "7." Ooops.
Here are a few of my photos already in a layout:

for more details on the whole project visit HERE
Doing more digital scrapping? Well, yes a bit more than before...


The kids and grandkids my resident stars.
Then there's all the layouts you can find over at with tips and ideas and new products to try out, like our Die Sets that fit perfectly with all our Grid Patterns! You'll love it!

This is the latest layout featuring some of my photos from my trip back to Scotland a few years back...I still have a lot of photos to scrap!
SO...if I really stop and think about's ONLY April...and there's still plenty of time to get improve on the good intentions for the year...join me!