Card Talk

Making cards is something I really enjoy. I will be posting some of my cards here from time to time.
The Christmas designs will be up soon.

So why Blog? and why Blog about cards?
Well, I've been tempted to try this new avenue of communications before, but considering there are many who ignore my emails, or posts on Facebook, why would I spend the time chattering away online? Well, I'm not really going to Blog that way...I don't think. I'm trying this out because I've followed DeNami Designs blog and FB page this year and noticed the various challenges and thought I'd like to try one, but at the very least I would have to begin a Flickr account to post my cards...which I did, it wasn't too hard...but as I visited other card designers to see their creations a whole new world opened up to  me. There were other sites like Operation Write Home, and other challenges and links to new stamp sites. I found many inspirational cards and couldn't comment because I didn't have a blogspot...and for a Blog Hop (much easier than Quilt Shop hops) it seemed almost mandatory!

So, I've taken a few steps to break out of my techless abilities to try and participate. I may be like my mother is with the VCR/DVD and the "clock" on this blog may always be blinking 12:00...but nothing ventured, nothing gained. There are a lot of creative people out there making some of the nicest cards I've ever seen.

My Dad was my role model when it comes to making cards. While Mum was good at remembering people's birthdays and anniversaries, it was my Dad's special cards that stood out. He was a very talented artist  but it wasn't his career. The cards he would make often captured the recipient in cartoon, and were the hit of the party.

As children he always encouraged my brother and I to make our own cards for thank you notes...and using whatever we had on hand led to some very interesting creations! Now I love working with all the toys of the personal form of therapy!

One of the first jobs I ever applied for out of High School was a card design job with American Greetings...they told me I really needed to go on to college for a degree before they would consider me. Judging from all the talented people out there...that have never been to college for "art"...seems like we are all doing just fine without the big guys!