Monday, June 11, 2012

Mosaic Moments Challenge June #1

The first Challenge of June for Mosaic Moments is a Photo Challenge. The subject to be Elements of You,   portraits of someone and compare them to an element. I actually chose several elements to compare my youngest son to and did so with some character qualities from our home education program. To see the layout in detail you can join us at Journella our Storyboard is a wonderful place to share all your creative ideas 

2012 MMDT June Challenge #1
Stay tuned for our next challenge in two weeks which is a layout challenge. What would you do with this pattern? Why not try it out?

Be sure to come back and see what we do with it!  Mosaic Moments can be purchased here.
Tami Potter's Blog has been running a series this year Life.In.Lists that has been a wonderful tool for journaling whether your interests are creative writing or scrapbook journalling you will enjoy these daily exercises! Tami is the creative genius behind the Mosaic Moment grid system...come and see all the great ideas!

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