Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MM Challenge #4 The Disney Inspired page

Do you see the glass as...
Sometimes our perspective on life's events can color our whole outlook on life.
When considering which Disney flick to use for this challenge, I went back to the Classics in the Disney vault, to the days when the Wonderful World of Disney in Color, was a weekend favorite on TV, and singled out one in particular, Pollyanna.
Pollyanna came to live with her aunt after the deaths of her parents. They had been missionaries in the British West Indies. With her she brought and shared with just about the whole town was an outlook that saw the good, or the benefit in even the most discouraging of circumstances. Pollyanna's father began the game as a result of a missionary barrel that arrived without Pollyanna's long hoped for doll, but instead, a pair of crutches. Together they found that they could be glad that they didn't need the crutches. And so goes the story, Pollyanna helps so many in town to see things from a different point of view. This became the subject of the photos I used for this challenge. My inspiration for the colors I used came from a dress Pollyanna wore in the movie, and the embellishments came in response to the statement from a house maid that "life isn't all hearts and flowers." 

Come and take a look at the whole layout Be Glad now posted on Journella. While you are there, be sure look at the rest of the team's postings going up through the 21st.  You'll be glad you did!

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