Saturday, March 22, 2014

Destination Moon: one boy's journey in search of the Final Frontier

Challenge #6 Be inspired by the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Universe.
This challenge had the team presenting pages inspired by the world of science fiction. Books, TV, movies even comic books have been conveying various stories over the years. I'm sure if you're a fan of sorts, there's one you enjoy more than the other.   
I always enjoyed the Classic Star the days of Capt. James T. Kirk...and the gadgets they had like communicators...a precursor of our mobile phones, or the portable computers they used for their reports that look a whole lot like our current tablets, like iPads.
This is my layout, showing a guide to several Space Centers that my youngest son and I have visited and will use this as an opening introduction page for the other pages I will put together to complete his book.
To see more of the details of the pages and a couple of tips on techniques, visit the Story Board on for more of this and the rest of the Design Team. Come and visit!

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