Thursday, October 6, 2011


My kids will tell you one of my pet peeves has always been sending thank you notes for gifts received and doing so promptly. We were not always successful, but it did eventually get done. I do think it's important to show respect and gratitude to those blessing your life by acknowledging their gift.

They will also tell you that I frowned on thank yous that mearly said "thanks for my gifts" or were a grocery list of items with a thank you at the end. Heaven forbid a cash gift receive a "thanks for the money" without an explanation of 'what I'm buying with it' or 'saving for with it'.   I always encouraged a more full description, " I really have enjoyed the new book as it's long been on my wish list. During the rain storm last week it made the perfect companion to curl up with and get away from it all while still staying dry and warm at home...."  as opposed to "thanks for the book". 

These cooler fall days have really been giving me many ideas for cards with all the warm colors of the season. I know there aren't a lot of people who may send out Thanksgiving cards, especially as it's so close to Christmas card making time, but what better way to reach out to friends and family with a small token of your love and gratitude for what they have been in your life? Too many people forget Thanksgiving Day was not established to sanctify football, or to thank the Indians...historically accurate... it was established as a day of Thanksgiving to God for all his mercies and blessings and benefits.

I know we all have had difficult times in our lives, and we get busy and distracted by everything that seems "urgent" vying for our attention, but I urge you to sit down take some time this fall and reflect on those individuals who have made a difference in your life this year, make them a card, write them a  note, and as you count your blessings, say a prayer and thank God for His Blesssing to you.

here's an idea or two:

This only requires a little bit of stamping, so anyone can do this...card stock in two colors that compliment the patterned paper, a piece of ribbon and embossing powder. I did use Tattered Angels Gold Glimmer mist, although I will admit it is not showing well in this photo, but it really did brighten up that paper.

This one required a bit more stamping, aging the paper, tearing and edging the sentiment section, but still not too hard or too time consuming. It is still something you can do! But more important is to to actually write the note, it means more to the person receiving it to get the message, than the "package" it arrives in...don't delay!

I heard the other day that October is Pastor Appreciation Month...why not start with him!

Thanks so very much for stopping by... check in for the Fall Card Hop on Sunday!


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