Saturday, November 26, 2011

When did it change?

I was out this morning on a run to JoAnn's to see if there was any craft thing on sale to pick up and to look for fabric for a project for my daughter's upcoming birthday...alas, I was not interested in standing in the long lines at the cutting table so I didn't even begin the search for the fabrics. My plans were abandoned to be resumed another day. Back in the car,  radio on, I heard the DJ natter on about one thing and another until I heard him say "Black Friday Weekend". He had my full attention...when did Thanksgiving Weekend become Black Friday Weekend??

At home I read a post on how the Thanksgiving message from the White House failed to thank God, or even mention Him (Hello...Pilgrims...remember history?) and talked about how "lucky" we are in America. The Sacrifice of the Pilgrims have been sidelined yet again, not by football anymore, but the latest big bargain starting at midnight or 4 a.m. and continuing till everyone heads back to work on Monday. How sad. If you are finding yourself wanting to hold on to the true story of Christmas why not start as you begin decorating for Christmas?

Hand made gifts, decorations and ornaments abound at our home. Just about everyone has something to contribute. One of my favorites are the nativity sets we've made. I'm featuring my daughter's nativity set she made me a few years back. She doesn't like it, but I do. They make a nice visual to recount the story of wise men who came, shepherds that were witness to a host of angels announcing the birth, and parents who were chosen to be guardians of the King of Kings.  

The Wise Men, the Shepherds, the parents and The King of Kings. 

The Wise Men with their camels.

The Shepherd's with their sheep and a donkey.

This is just the wise men and camels of a wood set that my son David and I did many years ago. It is more durable for little hands, you don't need to worry about things getting broken. It also lets the little ones play with arrangments and retell the story as they play. The pieces are cut from 1x4 pine and stained (that's David's part) then woodburned details and painted with acrylics and sealed (my part.) 

Well, I hear my youngest bringing in the trees ( yes, three skinny trees this year) and ornaments from the shed, ready for the tree trimming  tomorrow afternoon. Did we pick up eggnog? Are there any holiday M&M's left? Is the music ready for background  inspiration? Get the camera ready, too!

Theme of Week One of Advent: Waiting

Well, off you go to shop or decorate, I have Christmas cards to finish painting and eventually addressing, I appreciate you stopping by for a brief look.


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