Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MM Challenge #14 Series of Photos

This Challenge is open to everyone to join in on the fun! Details at the end of the sneak peak!

...and one of my photo series....

Join me on Journella for the full page and the story!

Now, the details of the Challenge from Paije's newsletter post for your consideration.

July's Mosaic Moments Challenge: Photos inspired by a Series of Images
Choose a subject and photograph a series of images based on that subject. 
Examples of some photo series:

Here is a page I created with my photo series:
Since I really love looking at rain drops on flowers and plants, I decided to create a series about it. I like the interesting textures and how the rain makes the flowers glisten. I went outside after it rained and took many close up shots of the flowers to show all the glittery drips and drops. I also found a little poem that fit with the theme of my photo series. This page is personal to me since it shows and expresses how I enjoy observing the rain drops.
A photo series is wonderful if you want to give your page a specific message (the tutu project is good example). It is also a great way to learn or discover a new subject. Make sure the series you choose is personal to you. Think about things you like, what messages/beliefs you have and different perspectives you would like to explore. Also take many photographs - get close ups and take photos from a distance as well.

If you decide to join us be sure to upload your finished project to Journella, by June 21st. If you haven't visited Journella yet, you really need to check out the community there!

Thanks for dropping by for the latest challenge, come and play along with the team!


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