Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hunting for Red in October

The November Mosaic Moments Open Challenge:
The Scavenger Hunt
or what I like to think of it as...
 My comfortable color palette resides firmly in the green-blue-violet side of the color wheel. Except, when fall rolls around. Normally red, orange, and yellow are not colors I lean towards for clothes, décor or anything. But it's fall. And the color of fall is nothing if there are no reds, oranges or yellows to fill the skies. And some years, all we've had is a dull brown as the weather shifts too fast for fall to bloom and glow. A fall without that brilliant blast of natures paintbrush really just adds to the somber mood as winter arrives and stays...and stays...and...well you get the point!   
 So, each year my goal is to find those colors...especially red. So much so that I have several burning bushes planted in the yard. Even my dogwoods are in their full fall rusty reds and I'm happy because I know it's going to be a wonderful colorful fall! And I want to capture it all in my photos and in my scrapbooking. The challenge I have designed will help you to enjoy and remember the fall of 2013, won't you join us?
There are a few things you will need to have to participate.
1. You must use the Mosaic Moments Grid Papers. they are available for purchase  at this link:

2. And you must post your pages to Journella's Story Board. You will need to open an account but that is easy with a Facebook log-in or your email. There is no cost. This is just a safeguard.
3. There is a time frame for posting. You can post your completed layouts beginning November 1st and the last day to post is November 7th midnight EST.
To get all the details you can pick up the handy brochure that explains
the who, what, where and when of
 The Scavenger Hunt so you can play along!!
There is also a Pinterest board with examples and ideas.
I hope you will play along with us! We'd love to see what fall looks like for you!
for now...I've got to get that Red before it is gone or October is over!!
As a postscript: Just a small mention that the author of The Hunt for Red October, Tom Clancy, passed away Tuesday, October 1st, at the age of 66 years old. I've loved his books especially the very first one I read that inspired the title of this post. He will be missed.

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