Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mosaic Moments Challenge #19 Basket Weave

Here's a tease for the layout I've presented:

Come and visit the finished project on Journella HERE...but for now here are the two of the basket weave elements I added to my layout for this challenge.

Weave One

I began with a paper tile the size of the area to be covered, then gathered all the ribbons to be used,  I ran a row of double-sided tape along the outside edges of the square and began arranging the ribbons in the order I wanted them to be, fitting things edge to edge. The ribbons are different colors and sizes so it was important to keep them mixed in both directions.
 I know it looks like a mess and you'd be 100% correct. However, with a little patience
it does work out in the end.

...almost done...

After adjusting and tugging and pulling it into place I was finally 
seeing what I wanted in my final product.

Now all it needs are the "toppers,"
you'll have to visit Journella HERE to see how it is used when it's complete.
 Weave Two
Begin with two identical photos.
Cut one in 1/2" wide horizontal strips, the other in 1/2" wide vertical strips.
begin with one of each strip in the top left corner to do a typical over and under weaving process like you did in grade school.

Be careful not to scratch your photo, but you have to try to get them as tight as possible as you go or you will have holes and maybe even gaps in your final photo. Keep an eye on the photo to see where things are lining up. Don't sacrifice the photo for no gaps!!

In the end this is how this bouquet of flowers turned out. Granted, I chose to use this photo because I thought the bouquet would be the most forgiving when things were a little off, but you can experiment with a few of your own choices and see what you come up with. 

Thanks so much for stopping by...I hope you'll come and see the final layout too.


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