Sunday, July 6, 2014

July! Time for summer fun!

Greetings! Hope everyone has enjoyed their Independence Day Celebrations! Are you ready to scrap those memories?  I hope so!  This week we have featured on Mosaic Moments a few ideas for putting a beach page together using our terrific grid papers. There are also some great new colors to expand your collection that are perfect for summers activities so be sure to check them out.

For the article go HERE to see the up close details, but I thought I'd show one tip not shared there.

I used Shrink Film on the page for some of my embellishments. You might remember "Shrinky Dinks"  from the '80' it's back and you can buy sheets that you can run through your ink jet printer! This will let you print a variety of embellishments  using all the neat things in your digital scrapbooking kits on your handmade layouts. Think of the possibilities!!

The pieces I chose for this page came from a digital kit from FOREVER JOY called Surf Shack. I had printed a sheet of paper to use in the layout on matte presentation paper, the elements on a sheet of shrink film. To get my printer to actually recognize the sheet and print instead of kicking it through each time, I attached a plain sheet of computer paper with a little bit of dot adhesive and it printed on the shrink film wonderfully.

Because you need to make the image larger to accommodate it shrinking 50% I did a few size tests.
The square on the left is cut to 2 1/8" the one on the right was 2" before it shrunk to 3/4".
Below, the one on the left is the 2 1/8" square has shrunk to just shy of 1" square.

These are the images I printed on the sheet. The round flair buttons are sized to fit in a 2 1/8" square and will shrink to just about an inch and will fit nicely on the 1" paper tiles on the page.
The surf boards were printed at 4 3/8" in size and as you can see in the close up below...

 ...they shrink to just under two inches, and the ink intensifies!  
If you have an idea to include shrink film embellishments in your layouts I'd love to see what you your layout on The Story Board at we'd love to see your summer pages!! Not sure what The Story Board is...take a peek and then come share your creations with us!!
Taking a trip over to the Story board you can also follow up on these recent Challenge posts including two literary challenges, Pride and Prejudice, and Alice in Wonderland (sneak peak in the screen shot above!) We also worked on a Black and White photo layout too, so stop by and visit a while.
There's lot's more coming in the next few weeks, so I'll keep you updated on all the latest new products and details.
glad to have you stop in for a visit...


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