Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Where do you find inspiration? Many people are pinning like crazy these days, putting away photos of cards, quilts, scrapbooking, things to do in your home, ideas for the next children's party...you name it you can find it on Pinterest! So what do you do with all those bits and pieces of inspiration? How do you turn it into something you want to see in a card or on a scrapbook page?

As I contemplated how to explain translating something in one form into another form I suddenly had a flash! That's exactly what they do every year at the Oklahoma Sugar Arts Show at the Tulsa State Fair Grounds. The year we attended and participated the big competition, the Wedding Cake division, was Hollywood Glamour Cakes. The contestants were required to chose a film or Hollywood theme to use as their inspiration...something cake decorators often do for their clients. Everything on their tables were to relate to that same point of inspiration. A photo of the inspiration was to be displayed as well, so that people would know your creative process.

I thought I'd begin by posting several cakes that had the same movie as their inspiration to show how different people interpret important elements from the movie...or what they thought of first when they thought of the movie.

Do you know which movie inspired these six cakes without looking at the photo clue?

If you guessed My Fair Lady you are right! Now try this pink cake....

From Gentlemen Prefer Blondes...the pink dress worn by Marilyn Monroe inspired this!

And now this one....yes, the dress worn by Padme in Star Wars (whatever episode it was...I don't know!)

This Hollywood Classic...Gone With the Wind...and another memorable dress as inspiration!
This gorgeous cake was inspired by yet another dress, this time another Audrey Hepburn film...Sabrina.
So, as you see, each person found elements from their movies that they thought would best represent it. In the Hepburn movies black and white were the stand out color choices, some chose bands of colors, others bows, some included feathers or hats, but when they were done, you had a good idea of the movie.

Now another type of inspiration...this time in quilt fabrics. As soon as I knew I was going to be a grandmother, I knew I wanted to create a baby quilt with fabric I had aquired with Shaun the Sheep, one of the characters in the Wallace and Grommit claymation series. So I gathered fabrics and began my merry journey.  While in the process of the quilt making I had a card challenge for DeNami Design Stamps. I used the fabrics as my inspiration for the card.

I used the circles, the swirls, the colors and patterns...and of course the sheep to make this card.

Here's the quilt finally finished!

Now for one more example this time from a book. Hannah had a client request a birthday cake for a little girl that loves Fancy Nancy books...that was the starting point. Pouring over a multitude of books for a feel of the character and her style she presented this rough design for a simple cake.

design by Hannah Fisher of Story Girl Cakes
and after fine tuning the clients additional input (we want WOW!) this is the cake they received...and loved!

Well, do you have something that is waiting to inspire you for your next project?  Are you able to see how you can pick various elements out of your starting point and create something entirely new? I hope so. Why not put something together and then come on over to www.Journella.com and share your work there...we'd love to have you join us! Come see what's going on!

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  1. What a great way to show inspiration! Thank you.

  2. I loved seeing all of these great examples of turning inspiration into creation! What a fun post :)


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