Friday, September 6, 2013

Zoo Extra!!

The other day I posted my pages for the Mosaic Moments Circle Challenge with the promise of the next two pages I did of our day at the zoo. So today's the day...

the double page layout

There were so many beautiful floral beds throughout the zoo and I tried to capture as many as I could. The Hydrangea's were beautiful and I used two photos, one I reverse printed to get the look I wanted. My focal photo of the butterfly seat I've sectioned the center and added a Robin's Egg Paper Tile to highlight that center cropped photo.

For the sunflowers I used two photos 4x6 and kept all the pieces in order from top to bottom. I used most of one full photo and 4" of the other and only 3" down. With the extra pieces I could have  added them in elsewhere on this page or another.

the doors to the zoo also open to my hidden journaling

Now you may be saying that having a flap to hide the journaling means you'll never be able to access it, but there is a trick to make it all fairly easy to do.

Have your layout inside the page protector and be sure that it is firmly in place. Using an Exacto knife and a metal ruler works the best. Lay the ruler right alongside the folded edge of the journal block. This creates a nice taught surface perfect for making a good pierce through the plastic. Carefully cut along this edge being careful not to slice the folded edge or through the page below. Once completed slide the layout out far enough to slide the photo flap through the slot you've just created. The bottom half of your journaling will now be covered with the page protector.

to see more details on how to do this visit my Journella page where I go into more details on creating hidden journaling and cutting the page protectors.

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