Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Christmas in July Idea

On Facebook the other day I saw a post from Tombow with this idea that I have recreated here with papers I have from Imaginisce's Candy Cane Lane Collection. I did not ink it to give it the grunge look as in the Tombow sample, as the papers I used already had that look. This is just the bare bones, no extras. If you'd like to make your own I thought a few measurements and photos might help get you started.

Begin with three sheets of 8.5"x11". Cut one sheet in half lengthwise 4.25"x 11 (trim one to 8.5"and the other to 8")  Score at 4" on the shorter piece, and 4" and 8" on the other. This gives you a small flap that you will over lap with a strong tape. For the main folder section you will trim one page to 8.5"x 9" the other 8"x 9". You will score at 4" and 8" on the 8.5" wide sheet and at 4" on the 8" one. I have used light weight tag as my base, but if you have a heavy weight paper cardstock or double-sided cardstock   I'm sure you could work with the one layer.

On the large section you will want to cut and paste your backdrop papers in place before joining the pocket section. Four sections 3-7/8"x 4-7/8" in various patterns. Four sections 3-7/8"x4-1/8". I used a 1/2" tape to connect the overlapped sections. The paper covering the back of the pocket section should come to just under the edge of the pocket.

For the lists: cut four sections that are 3.5" wide x 7.5" tall. Cut lined paper 3"x 7.25. Adhere lined paper to patterned papers. I cut my own tabs and added my labels here instead of taking up space on the lines below. I chose to cover the backside for a finished look, you can leave it plain,  but if you have used double-sided heavy-weight cardstock, you already have that built in!

I attached the two center sections of the pocket section at the bottom of the base first. I then put the tape on the base section for the left and right sections and the sides. I closed the folder to get the right fit of the sections and pressed to adhere then trimmed the slight excess off with my xacto knife. I used a 1/2" wide tape but another time I would use a narrower adhesive, especially on the sides. I only put the tape along the bottom and out side sections, not on each section edge. It is essentially one big pocket, but the way you fold it will hold your lists inside easily. You want each List to slide in and out easily.

I sized this to fit into a #10 envelope so that it could be something you carried with you without wear and tear. It is also able to stand up for display as a seaonal reminder.

You can add stickers, or other embellishments as you desire...have fun!

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