Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Save The Date: Sale!!!

This baby book was created using Mosaic Moments 8"x8" white grid papers. Tami announced this week an upcoming sale on several of their products, including the 8"x8" papers. Many haven't made it out to the conventions this year, and this sale is a Stay-Vention! So everyone can take advantage of show specials. All the details are here in Tami's July Newsletter. The sale is July 26-29th. Be sure to check out all the ideas over there and see some wonderful new products just for working in the 8"x8" size.

I've shown these type baby books before on here, but this time I employed the  8"x8" grid paper. You get six pages to work with, so I have used plain cardstock on the front and back cover. If you use a pad of paper, like the baby themed DCWV Nursery papers I have used here, you can get a variety of looks and have them all co-ordinate. This pack happens to come with a 4x6 mat that I thought would be perfect to top the cover and be a place to write baby's name and vital statistics. I did add a little bit of bling with crystal gems...not hot fix ones, but the ones with glue dot backings...very simple, something that doesn't take extra equipment.

On the back cover, although not a MM grid paper, I included a few of my extra pieces to add a decorative touch that would carry the style of the other pages to the final page.

The books are made with three pieces of heavy weight cardstock as they are designed to stand for a display. I trim them all to 8" wide.Two sheets will be used at the full 11" length, the center section will be trimmed to 10.5". Usually 10" is enough, but I have added 1/8" per page to allow for scoring and placing the grids with out overhang. It's easy to trim off excess to fit when it's just cardstock, but you want to use all of the grid paper and make it look nice. Score the center section in the middle and the two longer sections score at 8 1/8". tape with Scotch tape the three sections together. then begin attaching your grid paper. If you prefer work the grids in pairs first and then attach. I use a strong adhesive that will hold a lot of weight. This accordian style book has a front and back giving you  three sections for three layouts. They can be as similar or different as you please. This is the section between the front and back cover.

and then the two sections you see if you open it like a book.

I've kept the decorations on this one to a few tags, bows and buttons. You can get more detailed if you pleaase, but I like photos being the focus, a hallmark feature of working with the grid paper. There is spots to journal, others just for color...what you do you in your book, will express you!

Remember that sale...and don't forget to visit to see all the creative works of the design team members, Tami, and a growing number of creative people out there who would like to showcase the work they've done...stop on by!

thanks for popping in here to take a look...

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