Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fortnight to go...

or fourteen days before the Big Day!

Swarovski crystals make the sparkle on this tree

Stamps from Morning Star stamps and scripture verse from Stampabilities.

It's the third Sunday in Advent and the theme for this week is Joy.

"You have made known to me the paths of life,
you will fill me with joy in your presence."
Acts 2:28

Do you know people who get all their Christmas presents opened and find themselves disappointed at what they've been given? I can honestly say I can remember a few times like that; as children we often have our hearts set on something in particular we just had to have, and don't get it.  All of a sudden the 'joy' of Christmas is dashed by unfulfilled dreams.

On that special night when angels appeared to shepherds in their fields, the wonder at seeing these angels and their message! How exciting! What Joy! Joy that was not diminished when they saw the tiny babe laying in the manger.
In the coming years, however there were those who could not see the specialness of that gift, could not see Him for who He was...the Savior some expected didn't arrive in the package they were looking for,
No conquering King, but a suffering Messiah,
their hope was dashed.
However, just because they could not see, didn't change the gift, or it's value.

Will we be grateful for all we are given? 
Whether wrapped in pretty paper or the circumstances that come into our lives...will we find joy?
Have you learned that happiness is based on circumstances and easily changes,
 but Joy comes from knowing God.
 from accepting His gift of His Son Jesus,
and living in the power of The Holy Spirit. 

I wish for you this year, come what may, true JOY.

Thanks so very  much for stopping by and sharing a few moments with me and my thoughts...


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